From these pages you can access various information on trade and international integration of Chilean agriculture. Some of them, mainly for exporters, agricultural attache comprise Chile abroad, an interactive map silvoagropecuario trade with major partners, and a register of trade barriers affecting agriculture. Other contents are designed for anyone interested in learning about trade policy issues in Chile, international cooperation, and check prices and statistics on international trade of agricultural and forestry products.

Prices and international statistics

In this section you can find statistics on exports and imports of agricultural and forest products, both general and by product and by region of Chile. Data are also available in the form of historical and current reports relating to international commodity prices and import prices and costs of hospitalization of the main imported agricultural and forestry products.


Presence abroad

In this section we present the ten agricultural attache in Chile in the main markets of agriculture, forestry and food exports, which contribute to increase the presence of Chilean products in export markets, thereby supporting the transformation of Chile into a power agri-food and forestry. You can also find here the agreements vertical and horizontal cooperation in the field agroforestry, signed both multilaterally and with different countries.


Information for exporters

Detailed background on various aspects of trade interest to agriculture, livestock and forestry with 24 countries and blocs, with which Chile has signed a commercial agreement or where the Ministry of Agriculture has an Agricultural Attache, are available in the Map Exporter. In addition, it provides users information on trade barriers potentially exporters may face food and forestry sectors, which is provided by the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, and supplemented by the work of the attache .


Learn about trade policy

This section reports on multilateral regulations affecting foreign trade of agricultural and forestry products and international negotiations from which they originate. The following specific topics are organized in the form of frequently asked questions and their answers, links to interesting sites, and downloadable documents in PDF format: price bands, antidumping duties, countervailing duties, safeguards, World Trade Organization, Agreement on Agriculture , Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, Doha Round Cairns Group and G20.